Past Events

Futurosity in the Midst of History

A Queer Black Art Share Sat Feb 26, 3 – 6pm Buy Tickets on Eventbrite

The Masc and Femme We Wear—A night of readings from QTBIPOC writers

Virtual event: Sat, Mar 26, 3 – 5pm Buy Tickets on Eventbrite

Gender Pirates

gender1: a constructpirate1: one who robs on the high seasalso: one who commits acts resembling robberyVirtual Event: Mar 31 at 7pm Buy...

Centipede—Flavourcel Animation Collective

Pop Up Exhibition | Apr 7 – 9 | Open Hours 12 – 6 pmClosing Reception | Sat Apr 9 | 3 – 5 pm | ASL Located on the...

Queering the Air—A Quintessentially Queer Concert Series presented by SUM gallery

Feb 11 – Mar 11, 2022 SUM gallery is proud to present our first Queering the Air concert series: music that presents the many sides of queerness, from darkest introspection...

Sovereignty—Duane Isaac

Feb 17 – May 14, 2022 make an appointment This exhibition is open to view during our regular gallery hours: Tue-Sat, 12...

Artist Residency—Dion Smith-Dokkie

Jan 4 – Jan 31 SUM gallery activates the New Year with a new artist residency program featuring Vancouver-based West Moberly First Nations artist Dion Smith-Dokkie. Throughout the month of...
Workshop and Artist Residency: Gathering of Wishes and 1000 Paper ButterfliesWith Eva Wong & Naoko FukumaruSUM gallery Did you miss our workshops? Drop in anytime during our...
Mass Reincarnation oƒ Wish Fragments
Oct 28 – Dec 15, Tue – Sat from 12 – 6pm Please make an appointment to view this exhibition during the hours listed above
Trauma Clown – a visual art exhibition by Vivek Shraya April 1 – July 1 | 2021 Oppression and commodification meet in visual artist, author and musician Vivek Shraya’s photo...

SUM gallery is one of less than a handful of permanent queer-mandated art galleries in the world. SUM produces, presents and exhibits with a curatorial vision favouring cutting-edge, thought-provoking multidisciplinary work that pushes boundaries and initiates dialogue. SUM brings diverse communities together to support artistic risk-taking, incite creative collaboration and experimentation and celebrate the rich heritage of queer artists and art.

The artist-run SUM gallery was founded in 2018 by Artistic Director SD Holman as a permanent space supporting multidisciplinary exhibitions, events and artist residencies. At the time of the founding, SUM was the only queer-mandated gallery in Canada—not the first, but earlier attempts have succumbed to gentrification, or exhaustion, or both. And we salute you.

SUM gallery came to BC Artscape’s space in the Sun Wah Centre as a partnership with Full Circle First Nations Performance, the Vancouver Indigenous Media Arts Festival, and multimedia titan Paul Wong’s On Main Gallery. We populate the empty 4th floor, previously left in shell condition since the 1980’s when it was built.

The SUM gallery name honours our location with multi-layered meaning:

○ Originally envisioned as a Dim Sum (點心) restaurant, our space features the traditional round window, now a striking feature of our office

○ The name pays tribute to the Pearl River Delta immigrants who settled our neighbourhood 150 years ago: Sum (心) means heart in their Cantonese dialect

○ Words for queer people in Chinese include the Sum 心 character

○ SUM = summation (∑), the sum of its parts, the sum total, 2LGBTQIA+

○ Some (art)