Glitter Technics Presentation

December 4th — Doors at 6:30 pm @ Sum Gallery

Glitter Technics is a sparkling night showcasing the work of emerging multidisciplinary LGBTQ2SI+ artists from a 13-week experiential creative empowerment workshop led by Mutya Macatumpag at the Pride in Arts Society’s SUM Gallery. Mediums that glitter at our December 4th gallery show include visual art, installation, movement performance, music, poetry, light/shadow art, video , silkscreen prints, and a zine. It’s going to be a magical potion of glittering identities. Who are you? Thank you. 

Featuring participation from Zainab Alwarid, Red Fawkes, Jackson Tse, Laura Fukumoto, Emily Tsang, Shahdi, Hampton G, Thuja Quickstad, Sasha Cerino, and Mutya Macatumpag.