Salón Silicón: Senos de Hombre

Senos de Hombre
Curated by Mexico City’s Salón Silicón: Olga Rodríguez, Romeo Gómez López and Laos Salazar

Exhibition runs Jan 24 – Mar 25, 2023
The exhibit is open to public drop ins Tue-Sat, 12 to 6pm
Opening reception (curators in attendance): Jan 24, 6 to 8pm | SOLD OUT
Silicone dildo workshop: Jan 25 – Jan 27 | SOLD OUT

Named after a common and deliberate misreading of the Spanish song “Que Bello,” Senos de Hombre or “man tits” is a group exhibition curated by Olga Rodríguez, Romeo Gómez López and Laos Salazar of Mexico City’s Salón Silicón gallery. The original lyrics of  the song: “Qué bellos son tus celos de hombre/how beautiful your man’s jealousy is” proves problematic for Rodríguez, as there is “nothing cute about jealousy, especially in a context where femicide is common and people are harmed just because of this ‘feeling’ in a man.” A common and humorous queering or “fix” for this line involves replacing the word “celos” with “senos”— the lyric now becoming: “how beautiful your man’s tits are.” With the change of one word, the song transforms from a praising of toxic masculinity, into a declaration of body positivity, posing the questions: What are man tits? How are body parts assigned gender? Senos de Hombre starts a conversation on how common assumptions of our bodies require some queering up.

Featuring work from several artists based in and around Mexico City including Romeo Gómez López, Sandra Blow, Alan Hernández, and Karl Frías García, Senos de Hombre creates a portrait of how non-binary and trans identities survive—and thrive—against a backdrop of colonialism, Catholicism, and cultural machismo. Explored through images, sculpture, and an adult-oriented workshop series, Senos de Hombre ultimately asks: “What makes a Queer body?”

Senos de Hombre is generously sponsored by The Parachute Fund.
Senos de Hombre is generously sponsored by the Deux Mille Foundation.

Read the press release for Senos de HombreEnglish/Español.

Workshop: Make Your Own Silicone Dildo

Three-day workshop facilitated by artist Romeo Gómez López
Artists concession $50, regular admission $70
Jan 25 – Jan 27, 6 to 9pm | SOLD OUT

Dildos are an instrument of sex, but also hold the power of deconstruction. By thinking that “all is dildo” as Paul B. Preciado suggests in his countersexual manifesto, we are freed in many ways from the tyranny of penises, changing the way our bodies experience proximity and pleasure. Dildos extend the plasticity of our bodies: “Anything can become a dildo. All is dildo. Even the penis.” This argument opens up the promises of queerness: refabricating our bodies and validating off-centre desires, ultimately allowing ourselves to think and fuck differently.

Over the course of three days, contemporary artist and sculptor Romeo Gómez López will introduce participants to the history of the dildo before facilitating the process of creating a dildo of their own imagining using a casting method with clay, plaster and high-grade skin safe silicone. 

All materials will be provided. Participants will be asked to prepare a design in advance to improve success and ensure their place in the workshop. Space is limited and participants must commit to all three days of the workshop in order to complete the work required to construct their dildo. Each workshop will be approximately 3 hours in length.

About Salón Silicón

Founded in 2017 by Olga Rodríguez, Romeo Gómez López and Laos Salazar, Salón Silicón is a gallery based in Mexico City, dedicated to promoting the work of women artists, queers and/or members of the LGBTI+ community. The gallery seeks to be a meeting point for different expressions, languages ​​and people. Olga Rodríguez is the gallery owner with experience in the production and marketing of contemporary art. She worked from 2008-2013 at the Juana de Aizpuru gallery in Madrid, and from 2015-2021 as manager of the Damián Ortega studio and workshop. Romeo Gómez López is a visual artist who works with alternate and nightmarish worlds contained in dioramas, sex shows with puppets and toys, which represent a resistance to the expectation of compulsory heterosexuality with a personal vision that is nurtured by humor and a pornographic imagination. Laos Salazar is an independent artist and curator who works on queer subjectivity and the construction of homosexual masculinity.

Senos de Hombre curators, from left to right: Romeo Gómez López, Laos Salazar and Olga Rodríguez of Salón Silicón. Photo by Jorge Gonzalez.